The right language

Translation is an essential part of your communication that should be clear and unambiguous. So choose quality and expert communication advice. As a sworn translator in the Netherlands and Luxembourg, I know that every word counts.

I convey your message clearly, whether it is legal texts, web texts, correspondence or investment brochures. I speak your language!

About me

My name is Nienke Groenendijk-Feenstra and I am a sworn translator French – English – Dutch. After obtaining my master’s degree in French language and literature (University of Amsterdam, 1980), I followed a translation course in English. I work as a sworn translator in Luxembourg (French <> Dutch) and in the Netherlands (French and English <> Dutch). I am a member of ALTI in Luxembourg and honorary member of VZN in the Netherlands.


I have over thirty years of experience as a (sworn) translator. During that time, I have attended many courses and refresher courses, especially in the field of legal and financial-economic texts. Besides regular translations, I also provide sworn translations of official documents. These meet all legal requirements.

I work for individuals and companies, mainly in the European Union. Over the past 30 years, I have written literally millions of words and I still love my job!

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